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KAM Media are the knowledge hub, providing research-led insights, trends and consultancy. Delivering research with purpose to help brands and operators to improve their business strategies. Their goal is to ensure research is at the centre of the decision making process, from customer -> operator -> supplier. They provide a series of bespoke research solutions, video production services and consultancy to operators and brands within the UK hospitality sector

Sprout is an intuitive CRM marketing automation platform, specifically built for the hospitality industry. Originally based out of Melbourne, Australia, operating for over 12 years, the company launched in the UK in 2019. Having over 3,000 clients worldwide, the platform allows hospitality companies (restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs, cafes, hotels, leisure venues) to increase their revenue via retaining and leveraging their customer data by aggregation of data (via channels including wi-fi, EPOS, loyalty, reservations), management of growth, segmentation and enrichment of customer data and finally leveraging that by a number of tools including email and SMS communications, automations, triggers, as well as a host of other functionality.