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"With data being the foundation for making smart marketing decisions and directing strategy, it was key in my new role, that I knew exactly what was in my database. 


The exec team wanted to know who their customers really were, and how they behaved, versus everybody’s assumptions and I wanted to suggest marketing priorities with the backing of data to explain why. With lots of excuses of why nobody had been able to use the data to get a clear picture of the customer, I was nervous that even using an external specialist may not work. 


The audit service that Datahawks offer cuts through all of the opinions, works around excuses, asks the right questions of the data and squashes those feelings of incompetence within the team. 


The work Vic and her team did was super quick, they told us not only who our main customer segments were, but also the value of those segments and delivered an amazing set of recommendations with ROI on what we could be doing to increase visits and ASPH. Having been a Marketing Director for many years herself, Vic spoke in a language I’d understand, helped us all to overcome any fears around data and answered all of the questions we’d been wanting to know for a long time. 


We were not expecting the scale of insight they uncovered, nor the time and passion that went into the presentation of findings. A truly brilliant output and a lovely team to work with.”


Lisa Johnson

Hospitality Marketing Director 

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the Data Audit you completed on Tenpin. It far exceeded my expectation and now gives us a great starting point to really build a Marketing strategy that is data-driven. You have 100% opened our eyes to the opportunities where we can have the largest impact, driven by quality data to underpin our understanding of our customers and their needs whilst ensuring we can maximise profitability."


Bret Astle, Operations Director, Tenpin

"DataHawks audit was extremely insightful, clearly presented – and, best of all, full of actionable insights."


Josh Williams, Marketing Manager, Byron